Blue Bird terms and conditions


The purpose of these general terms and conditions of website use is to define the terms and
conditions under which R. N. M Technology. Inc, a corporation under Canadian law, whose head
office is located at 118, rue Régent Longueuil (Québec) J4V2T9 Canada, presented here under the
name of BlueBird Immigration, in order to provide IT services and solutions to clients (Immigration
Lawyers / Immigration Consultants) and to students and/or immigration candidates for Canada.
"Website/web site" refers to a set of functionalities grouped around a service accessible online via;
" Client " refers to the lawyer and the immigration consultant in charge of the processing of the
immigration candidate file and the student's registration file as well as the regularization of his
"Student and/or Immigration Candidate" means the natural person who has subscribed to one or
more immigration services offered by BlueBird Immigration on the Website.
"Customer Space" means the space dedicated to the Customer, available on the Internet and
allowing the Customer to access information relating to candidates and/or students.
"Candidate Account" means the space dedicated to candidates and/or students, available on the
Internet and allowing the candidate and/or student to access offers, to register and to contact
immigration lawyers and consultants.
The purpose of these general conditions of use is to define the conditions and terms of use of the
website by the client and the candidate.
The present general terms and conditions of use take effect from the date on which the client and
the candidate make their first connection to the website.
These general terms and conditions of use apply for the entire duration of BlueBird Immigration's
provision of the website.
These general terms and conditions of use are enforceable against any customer and/or applicant
using the website throughout the duration of his subscription to the offers.
Definition of the website

- Features of the website
The website is accessible 24 hours a day (24 hours a day) and 7 days a week (7 days a week), subject

to the Customer's Internet connection. It can be accessed at the following address: https://bluebird-

The website allows the client and/or candidate, after having identified himself thanks to his login, to
have access to, in particular :
- to the different immigration forms and services offered on the website. This list is not exhaustive
and is subject to change.
- Conditions of access to the website
To access the website service, the client and/or the candidate must create a user account in the
client space or candidate space.
The website is only accessible via internet. To do so, the client and/or candidate must have :
 a terminal connected to the Internet ;
 an adapted configuration of his Internet browser: the user must be configured to accept
cookies ;
The customer and/or applicant acknowledges and accepts that the policy for the evolution of the
software used in the context of the services offered may be changed as required by BlueBird
Immigration. Accordingly, BlueBird Immigration reserves the right to upgrade to a new version or to
replace any software with another functional equivalent within the scope of its services.
The Customer and/or Applicant may request a change of password, or request a new password by
following the instructions of
change password or registration.
- Service Registration
Registration for the service is done online on the BlueBird Immigration website.
In any event, in order to benefit from the services of the website, the client and/or applicant must
have previously accepted online the terms and conditions herein as well as those of the privacy
policy by checking the appropriate box when registering on the website.
The client shall be solely responsible for the communication, use and conservation of the identifiers
and passwords once they have been communicated to him by BlueBird Immigration. In any event,
BlueBird Immigration shall not be liable in any event in the event of misuse of these identifiers and
passwords by a third party.
In the event that the client and/or the candidate forgets the identifier or password, the client and/or
the candidate shall click on the link provided for this purpose on the website and follow the
procedure indicated by BlueBird Immigration in order to obtain new identification codes.

Obligations of the Customer and/or the Candidate
The customer and/or the applicant undertakes to use the website in accordance with the provisions
of these terms and conditions and/or any specific instructions communicated by BlueBird
Immigration; in compliance with any applicable laws or regulations.
The customer and/or applicant acknowledges having verified the adequacy of the services to its
needs and having received from BlueBird Immigration all the information and advice necessary to
subscribe hereto in full knowledge of the facts.
In the event of a change in the customer and/or candidate's data (in particular his e-mail address),
the customer and/or candidate undertakes to inform BlueBird Immigration thereof in writing and
without delay so that BlueBird Immigration may update the customer space and the candidate
In addition, the Customer and/or the applicant declares that it accepts the characteristics and
limitations of the Internet, and in particular acknowledges :
- having the appropriate hardware and browsers and qualified personnel for the proper use of the
- be aware of the nature of the Internet network, and in particular its technical performance and
response times for consulting, querying or transferring information,
- that it is its responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect its own data and/or browser
from contamination by possible viruses circulating on the Internet.
Commitment of the client/candidate
The client and/or the candidate commits himself/herself to work on the website, in his/her space
during the working relationship, until the end of his/her contract and the finalization of the
procedures with the other party. Without making contact, and without communicating outside the
website or outside the communication tools provided on the website platform.
Failure to comply with this commitment, will be considered as an unfair practice towards the present
conditions of use. BlueBird Immigration reserves the right to take legal action and prosecution.
Restriction of access
In the event of breach by the client and/or applicant of these general terms and conditions of use
and/or the privacy policy, access to the client area and the applicant account will be immediately
suspended without notice and without prejudice to any legal action that BlueBird Immigration may
take action against the client and/or candidate.

Service Maintenance
In order to ensure that the quality of the services is maintained, BlueBird Immigration may be
required to carry out work on its website that may temporarily affect the proper functioning of said
services and will endeavor, to the extent possible, to reduce the disruptions that may result
The maintenance work carried out by BlueBird Immigration is subject to its sole discretion and the
inconveniences that may result therefrom may not in any event engage the liability of BlueBird
Intellectual and commercial ownership of the data of the Customer Area and
the Applicant Account
These general terms and conditions of use, as well as the privacy policy if applicable, do not transfer
to the client and/or candidate any ownership rights on any of the elements that may be made
available to him/her in the context of the services.
BlueBird Immigration declares that it is the owner of the copyright of all data accessible on the
website in an original manner and of the trademarks and logos reproduced or that it has obtained, as
the case may be, their rights of use.
The client and/or applicant agrees not to infringe upon these property rights and the property rights
relating to the content, in particular the texts and photos, which appear or are disseminated on the
services and which remain the exclusive property of BlueBird Immigration. In this respect, the
customer and/or applicant undertakes, without this list being exhaustive, not to use, reproduce,
represent, distribute, adapt or borrow content without the express authorization of BlueBird
Immigration. BlueBird Immigration grants the customer and/or applicant on the website a personal,
non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-transferable right of use, limited to the duration of these
general terms and conditions of use and its registration on the website.
Consequently, unless BlueBird Immigration has given its express prior consent, the client
(Lawyer/Consultant) undertakes :
- to use the data he has consulted and the information he has obtained only for work purposes in
order to represent a candidate,
- not to communicate them to third parties, whether free of charge or in return for payment, and not
to market them directly or indirectly,
- to keep strictly confidential the data consulted and those obtained.
All the elements constituting the website (in particular the texts, graphics, logos, sounds, photos,
animations) are the property of. BlueBird Immigration.
The elements belonging to BlueBird Immigration, and a fortiori their formatting as well as the
resulting code, are the exclusive property of BlueBird Immigration.

The elements constituting the website are protected by Canadian and Quebec legislation relating to
intellectual property rights. Any reproduction or representation of all or part of the services, on any
medium, present or future, is prohibited without the express prior authorization of BlueBird
Security of exchanges
The confidentiality of exchanges between the parties and the authentication of the client and/or
applicant are ensured by the allocation and use of confidential codes (identifiers and passwords) and
by the encryption standards in force used by BlueBird Immigration.
The communication protocols used are those in use on the Internet.
The Internet User is informed that, when using the website, a cookie may be automatically installed
on his/her browser.
The cookie is a text file which is installed on the hard disk of the Internet user. In particular, it enables
the collection and storage of data on browsing behaviour from the connected computer. A cookie
does not make it possible to identify
The Internet user. On the other hand, it records information relating to its navigation on the website,
in particular the pages consulted, the date and time of the consultation.
BlueBird Immigration uses this information in an effort to continuously improve the website. In
addition, the Internet user may oppose the recording of cookies by configuring his browser.
Limitation of liability
BlueBird Immigration undertakes to implement the necessary means to provide the website.
The customer and/or the applicant or any other person using the customer space or the applicant
account may not incur the liability of BlueBird Immigration in general in the following cases:
- made by the client and/or applicant and in particular failure to comply with the terms of use of the
website or the recommendations of BlueBird Immigration;
- interruption of services due to a maintenance operation;
- caused by a third party;
- reliability of data transmission, access times, possible restrictions or interruptions;
- any changes to the data downloadable by the Customer that may be made by the Customer or any
other person;
- malicious intrusions by third parties into the customer's and/or candidate's computer system.
- case of damage arising from the use of the website.

The client and/or candidate is solely responsible for the configuration of the computer hardware and
software he uses. BlueBird Immigration has no obligation to provide advice or assistance regarding
the hardware required for the use of the services and the website.
To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Customer and/or the Applicant understands
and agrees that BlueBird Immigration shall not be responsible for:
Any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary, punitive, exemplary or other multiplied
damages arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions or your use of the Services
and the Website.
BlueBird Immigration is not responsible for lost profits, lost revenue, lost work opportunities,
including any alleged loss or diminution of value of personal data, or any other losses resulting from
or in connection with these terms and conditions or the use of the services or access to the customer
area or candidate account, including, without limitation, losses resulting from or in connection with
the following,
- The deletion, alteration, rejection, denial, or refusal of the application for immigration or the refusal
of the application for admission to studies and the application for a study permit,
- The restriction, suspension or deletion of your account and customer area;
- The downloading or sharing of data, including personal data, by customers using customer
- Unauthorized access to your account or data stored or transmitted to the customer.
BlueBird Immigration cannot be held liable for problems that others may experience, for wrongful or
illegal acts of third parties, or for acts of nature.
To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, BlueBird Immigration is not responsible for any
disputes and litigation arising between clients (Lawyers / Consultants) and applicants (Immigration /
Study), including amounts, prices, processing fees and money transfers between the two parties.
Likewise BlueBird Immigration is not responsible for the manner, policy and manner of handling
candidates and/or students' files by clients.
The Customer and/or the Candidate guarantees BlueBird Immigration against any action, legal or
other proceedings brought by a third party against BlueBird Immigration as a result of any improper
use of Customer accounts or Candidate Areas and the Website.
The limitations and exclusions in these terms and conditions will apply whether or not we were
notified or should have been aware of the possibility of any losses.
Modification or interruption of service

BlueBird Immigration may unilaterally modify and/or update these terms and conditions of use at
any time. Users will be notified in advance of any substantial changes to these terms and conditions
by publishing a notice to that effect on our website or by any other means. Any modification and/or

update of these general terms and conditions of use will take effect on the date of their posting on
the BlueBird Immigration website at the following address:
BlueBird Immigration reserves the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue all or part of the
In this case, BlueBird Immigration will inform the customer and/or the applicant by means of a
publication on its website
In addition, BlueBird Immigration may also change the technical terms and conditions of the website
(including the removal of any component of the service).
BlueBird Immigration reserves the right to terminate access to the customer and candidate account
area of the website to the customer and/or candidate in the event that the latter makes fraudulent
use of the website and/or does not comply with these general terms and conditions of use.
In the event that the customer and/or candidate ceases to be the holder of its account or space,
BlueBird Immigration may terminate its access.
Effects of termination
Termination of the services does not imply termination of the contracts relating to the offers.
All complaints, requests for information, disputes or suggestions should be addressed to the
company R. N. M Technology. Inc, at 118, rue Régent Longueuil (Québec) J4V2T9 Canada,
Applicable Legislation
The present general terms and conditions of use are subject to the laws in force in the Province of
Quebec and the federal laws of Canada that apply in this matter.
In case of persistent disagreement on the application or interpretation of these terms and
conditions, and in the absence of amicable agreement, any dispute will be submitted to the Canadian
federal courts and the courts of the province of Quebec.
The present terms of use is updated on February 9, 21.